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vendredi 21 octobre 2005

This-and-the-previous day's blogs

Veuve Tarquine announced it some time ago, Pasfolle is back.

Pasfolle used to write Au Texas, tout le monde est fou sauf moi (In Texas, everybody's crazy but me). A blog that narrated the antics of a French family in Texas.
Pasfolle stopped blogging when coming back to France; now she's launched A Pekin, tout le monde est fou sauf moi (In Peking, everybody's crazy but me).

Since I mentionned Veuve Tarquine, the often melancholic bricablog of this so-fond-of-her-children lawyer too makes its entry in my list today.

mercredi 19 octobre 2005

Today's blog

One thing I don't like about the bike is that it's not very easy to read while riding (didn't try yet, but I suspect I would hurt a few people if I did). By switching from the train to the bike, I gave up on almost two hours of daily reading. I complain all the more that Abie published some book cards that made me want to read again, and read other books than what I usually read.

Today's blog is Ceci est un test[1], Abie's blog.


[1] This is a test

lundi 17 octobre 2005

a blog a day

Each day, I'll try to give the address of a blog I read often and write a word about it. hmmm, I read mostly blogs written in french, not sure how interesting it'll be for this side...

I won't keep this up indefinitely, only long enough to populate my blogroll (didn't want to blindly input every blog I have on my list)

First one is Seb's Blog who is a French living near Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I stumbled upon Seb's blog on time for Christmas decorations. Some houses are overloaded with lightbulbs, it's fascinating.
Seb's blog has many pictures and anecdotes, it's very lively.

Sébastien also maintains a photoblog, SPB.

Keep up!

vendredi 14 octobre 2005


I'm told that it's impossible to send a comment... Sorry about that, but it's been a long day, as was yesterday, and I'm not looking into it just right now...

Update: ok, that's settled :) I had bad configuration options:

Lire la suite

dimanche 9 octobre 2005

Starting Blog.

Today I thought I would not just let time go by. I also finally decided to create my own weblog. This is something I've been considering for a long time and only recently actually decided.

For now, I'll keep it simple: default dotclear installation, no plugins and default theme. One of these days, I might open, and possibly skim trhough Raphaël Goetter's CSS 2, pratique du design web (CSS 2, practice web design, this book has not translated to english as far as I know) and... first practice somewhere else!