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vendredi 21 octobre 2005

This-and-the-previous day's blogs

Veuve Tarquine announced it some time ago, Pasfolle is back.

Pasfolle used to write Au Texas, tout le monde est fou sauf moi (In Texas, everybody's crazy but me). A blog that narrated the antics of a French family in Texas.
Pasfolle stopped blogging when coming back to France; now she's launched A Pekin, tout le monde est fou sauf moi (In Peking, everybody's crazy but me).

Since I mentionned Veuve Tarquine, the often melancholic bricablog of this so-fond-of-her-children lawyer too makes its entry in my list today.

Haircuts, part 1: the French way

I got a haircut today. This itself is worth a note; however there's more to it. I'd like to compare the french and the japanese ways in getting a haircut.
Second part of this post is to be published tomorrow.

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