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lundi 17 octobre 2005

a blog a day

Each day, I'll try to give the address of a blog I read often and write a word about it. hmmm, I read mostly blogs written in french, not sure how interesting it'll be for this side...

I won't keep this up indefinitely, only long enough to populate my blogroll (didn't want to blindly input every blog I have on my list)

First one is Seb's Blog who is a French living near Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I stumbled upon Seb's blog on time for Christmas decorations. Some houses are overloaded with lightbulbs, it's fascinating.
Seb's blog has many pictures and anecdotes, it's very lively.

Sébastien also maintains a photoblog, SPB.

Keep up!


This sunday was gonna be a good day: it was rollerskating day, for a 3 hours ride accross Paris with a few hundreds fellow riders. I had not taken part in it for about a month: either because of holidays, other plans, ill-adapted skates or sheer laziness. But today, I was on the way.

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