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samedi 22 octobre 2005

Haircuts part 2: the Japanese way.

This post is a followup of Haircuts, part 1: the French way

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vendredi 21 octobre 2005

This-and-the-previous day's blogs

Veuve Tarquine announced it some time ago, Pasfolle is back.

Pasfolle used to write Au Texas, tout le monde est fou sauf moi (In Texas, everybody's crazy but me). A blog that narrated the antics of a French family in Texas.
Pasfolle stopped blogging when coming back to France; now she's launched A Pekin, tout le monde est fou sauf moi (In Peking, everybody's crazy but me).

Since I mentionned Veuve Tarquine, the often melancholic bricablog of this so-fond-of-her-children lawyer too makes its entry in my list today.

Haircuts, part 1: the French way

I got a haircut today. This itself is worth a note; however there's more to it. I'd like to compare the french and the japanese ways in getting a haircut.
Second part of this post is to be published tomorrow.

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mercredi 19 octobre 2005

Today's blog

One thing I don't like about the bike is that it's not very easy to read while riding (didn't try yet, but I suspect I would hurt a few people if I did). By switching from the train to the bike, I gave up on almost two hours of daily reading. I complain all the more that Abie published some book cards that made me want to read again, and read other books than what I usually read.

Today's blog is Ceci est un test[1], Abie's blog.


[1] This is a test

mardi 18 octobre 2005

Late work is bad

The company doesn't like late workers. Not those who give results late, those who work late at night.

Tonight I came out of my office to get some water at 20:30; coming back, the security door won't open to my pass! crap, all my stuff is in there: keys for the bike, money, train pass... Fortunately, the door's lock... doesn't lock. I can still come in, everything's fine!

At 21:15, I leave for real: last week I saw the warden close the car park's grid (where I park my bike) at 21:30. But, uh?, the door to the car park is closed? the front door too? I need to find the warden, then. Lucky me, here he comes.

But, ouch, he's not quite friendly, not even neutral; simply aggressive: what are you doing here! gimme your pass! there's no name on it! I'm a contractor here, the company doesn't give contractors passes with names gimme your ID card! the facility closes at 21:00! 21:00 ? not 21:30 ? no that's 21:00, don't say you don't know, I saw you last week! (last week, it was 21:30 when I saw the other warden close the grid}} Can I get my bike nevertheless?
I can. I get the bike, I get my ID back, and speed away.

I'll keep that in mind: Work in the evening is something that must be avoided. I'll hop to bed right away, tomorrow I'll try to make it for the opening at 6:00, rather than the closing.

P.S. I feel I must add, though, that the other warden was very nice the week before (yet another time) when he opened the gate for me at 21:50

lundi 17 octobre 2005

a blog a day

Each day, I'll try to give the address of a blog I read often and write a word about it. hmmm, I read mostly blogs written in french, not sure how interesting it'll be for this side...

I won't keep this up indefinitely, only long enough to populate my blogroll (didn't want to blindly input every blog I have on my list)

First one is Seb's Blog who is a French living near Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I stumbled upon Seb's blog on time for Christmas decorations. Some houses are overloaded with lightbulbs, it's fascinating.
Seb's blog has many pictures and anecdotes, it's very lively.

Sébastien also maintains a photoblog, SPB.

Keep up!


This sunday was gonna be a good day: it was rollerskating day, for a 3 hours ride accross Paris with a few hundreds fellow riders. I had not taken part in it for about a month: either because of holidays, other plans, ill-adapted skates or sheer laziness. But today, I was on the way.

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samedi 15 octobre 2005

Toe-socks: gloves for your feet

The other day, Sébastien published statistics about computer engineers' feet at his workplace. This prompted me to put on my best socks and shoot some pictures of myself (narcissic me).

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vendredi 14 octobre 2005


Today marks the release of Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger).

There comes the deadline I had set for myself to switch from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu Linux.

The torrent has begun flowing...


I'm told that it's impossible to send a comment... Sorry about that, but it's been a long day, as was yesterday, and I'm not looking into it just right now...

Update: ok, that's settled :) I had bad configuration options:

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lundi 10 octobre 2005

On the banks of the river Seine

Three weeks ago, I started using the bike to go to work. This daily, straight and back trip could be much worse: most of it stands on the side of the river Seine.

I had to swear against myself for two weeks, for I forgot every morning to bring my digital camera in my backpack. Oh it's nothing severe, I didn't really miss anything, though I sometimes caught a glimpse of a nice light (or was that light caused by my yellow glasses ? ;) ). After two weeks, I finally brought the thing. Click! Uh, no click? D'oh! The battery's still in the charger!

Next day, battery's in place. But not the light. The automn's showing it's there with big, low clouds. Still, I managed to shoot this on Thursday night:

Restaurant on the banks of the river Seine, in Rueil-Malmaison

Restaurant on the banks of the river Seine, in Rueil-Malmaison

dimanche 9 octobre 2005


My laptop's ventilation system has always been noisy, though it was rare enough not to be an annoyance. What I've always been curious about is why it would run specifically when Windows®' screensaver started.

However, the past months saw the fan beginning to turn continuously. I though some cleaning was needed and opened the case. No dust so as to speak, everything in order. Case closed. Except the fan's still running all the time.

A few more months didn't bring spontaneous improvements. In fact, the fan now ran like mad. I had to pump up the volume to max or use earphones if I wanted to hear the music. Yesterday, I had another peak of indignation and was ready to tear appart the laptop. Fortunately, I only had to remove the heatsink.

See that greyish stuff in the lower part of the picture? No, it's not a filter. It's two years worth of accumulated dust, packed together between the heatsink and the air shaft. Of course, this wouldn't help the hot air to flow away...

Now I can say again that silence is music to my hears!

Starting Blog.

Today I thought I would not just let time go by. I also finally decided to create my own weblog. This is something I've been considering for a long time and only recently actually decided.

For now, I'll keep it simple: default dotclear installation, no plugins and default theme. One of these days, I might open, and possibly skim trhough Raphaël Goetter's CSS 2, pratique du design web (CSS 2, practice web design, this book has not translated to english as far as I know) and... first practice somewhere else!