The French way

I identify a hair salon when somewhere on the front I can read coiffeur or coiffure or masculin 24€, féminin 36€, or when portraits of very manly men or women with a fashionable haircut are displayed, or when one can actually see the insides of the shop or even when I recognise the name of a hairdresser/businessman who owns that many shops.

When I come in and ask for a cut (or don't ask anything, there are not so many reasons why I would enter a hair salon), I might have to wait a little with a few magazines or be directed to the part of the salon where I'll have my head showered.[1].
I'm not sure whether the shampoo part is compulsory or not, but it's common practice and the prices at the front include it. Once, when I was a kid, my mother tried to have me avoid the shampoo, saying that I had washed my hair the evening before. The hairdresser insisted that I must have sweat since then and should have my hair washed again. I guess hairdressers like to know where they put their hands, what I can understand[2].
To have one's head showered means sitting on a couch, head tilted back in bassin, with soft hands massaging your head...

Shampoo's done, please get up again, change to another part of the salon where you'll sit down in a comfortable seat. Here comes the difficult part. How do you answer How would you like it?... For me it goes like Please make it short, but not too short, Last time I had it cut was four month ago, does it help?. I never feel helpful and am always amazed that at the end of the process, it looks more or less like what I had in mind... Anyway, today I came with a picture, that's much more simple.
While having your hair cut, you're usually expected to chat with the person with the scissors. It depends on the hairdresser of course, how often you come, how chatty you are... As for me, I'm not much of a talker, and it shows. Thus conversation is often scarce.

Haircut's done, hair's blow-dried, I decline the always present offer for fixer. Time to pay and leave a tip.
Once on the street, I pass the hand in my hair so short cuts fall.


[1] Curiously, the hair salon next to my working place does not accept booking.

[2] After all, I too complain when I have to touch some code that's been badly tampered with by a developer with greasy hands.