The company doesn't like late workers. Not those who give results late, those who work late at night.

Tonight I came out of my office to get some water at 20:30; coming back, the security door won't open to my pass! crap, all my stuff is in there: keys for the bike, money, train pass... Fortunately, the door's lock... doesn't lock. I can still come in, everything's fine!

At 21:15, I leave for real: last week I saw the warden close the car park's grid (where I park my bike) at 21:30. But, uh?, the door to the car park is closed? the front door too? I need to find the warden, then. Lucky me, here he comes.

But, ouch, he's not quite friendly, not even neutral; simply aggressive: what are you doing here! gimme your pass! there's no name on it! I'm a contractor here, the company doesn't give contractors passes with names gimme your ID card! the facility closes at 21:00! 21:00 ? not 21:30 ? no that's 21:00, don't say you don't know, I saw you last week! (last week, it was 21:30 when I saw the other warden close the grid}} Can I get my bike nevertheless?
I can. I get the bike, I get my ID back, and speed away.

I'll keep that in mind: Work in the evening is something that must be avoided. I'll hop to bed right away, tomorrow I'll try to make it for the opening at 6:00, rather than the closing.

P.S. I feel I must add, though, that the other warden was very nice the week before (yet another time) when he opened the gate for me at 21:50