5 toes socks 5 toes socks

I bought these 5 toes socks in Japan for a few hundreds yen. That's common footwear there: I've stumbled upon a few pairs in shops without looking and saw some of my colleagues wearing them with sandals [1].

It looks like someone tried to sell such socks in Europe, though I've never heard of it. Furthermore, Desiree Stimpert from shoes.about.com did explain Why and Where to Buy Toe Socks.

She says

  • they're comfortable: separate toes can move freely
  • in winter, split-toe socks are warmer than tube socks
  • feet may tend to slip out of tube socks, that does not happen with split-toe socks (though in my opinion this may be related to the fabric?)
  • it's fun

I also read that 5 toes socks help avoid athlete's foot, a skin disease (possibly because it keeps toes interstice dry).

As far as I'm concerned, I bought them because of the fun/unusual stuff part ;)

Other peculiar socks in Japan are the unavoidable loose socks and also tabi, that have a separate compartment for the great toe and keep all other 4 toes in a second part, like mittens.


[1] yes, at work. If I remember the rule correctly, it was: anything is allowed, as long as the shoe sticks to the foot. No slippers then, but sandals with a stripe around the heel were perfectly acceptable.