My laptop's ventilation system has always been noisy, though it was rare enough not to be an annoyance. What I've always been curious about is why it would run specifically when Windows®' screensaver started.

However, the past months saw the fan beginning to turn continuously. I though some cleaning was needed and opened the case. No dust so as to speak, everything in order. Case closed. Except the fan's still running all the time.

A few more months didn't bring spontaneous improvements. In fact, the fan now ran like mad. I had to pump up the volume to max or use earphones if I wanted to hear the music. Yesterday, I had another peak of indignation and was ready to tear appart the laptop. Fortunately, I only had to remove the heatsink.

See that greyish stuff in the lower part of the picture? No, it's not a filter. It's two years worth of accumulated dust, packed together between the heatsink and the air shaft. Of course, this wouldn't help the hot air to flow away...

Now I can say again that silence is music to my hears!